Gayle Hamilton - Image Consultant


"The best colour in the whole world is the one
that looks good on you."

Coco Chanel

About Me

You cannot underestimate the power of colour. I am always amazed at how finding your true colours can transform your life - suddenly you have renewed confidence in shopping, decision-making, work and day to day affairs. Finding the right colour and style in clothing can build self-esteem and therefore success in all that you do in life.

And it’s so simple. How many of us have stumbled on, never quite sure of what to wear in the morning, how to search through the racks of a clothing store, or how to present ourselves in meetings or interviews? If only we had a simple tool to help us navigate the path of colour. Here’s where I can help.

After experience in owning a retail clothing boutique, often seeing a customer’s uncertainty with colour, I set about to train as an image consultant. I love the work I now do, the challenge of coming up with a colour range for individual clients and seeing their response and transformation.

Then it dawned on me that these tools could be made readily accessible to all. By choosing Covet Colour App you’ll be able to do your own detective work, and find your own true colours in order to enhance or transform your life.

To begin an exciting journey of self discovery, download the Covet Colour App from the App Store or Google Play today.

Gayle Hamilton
Image Consultant

Covet Colours - Find My Colours

Fashion houses have talked about colours relating to the four seasons since before Vogue magazine was first published. I believe colours have evolved significantly beyond just the four classic seasons, the subtleties of shade becoming far more complex and sophisticated. What’s wonderful is that the myriad of modern colours now available all found their origins in nature.

The sharp lines of ice crystals on schist, or the sombre greys of a winter morning, Crisp encompasses the dark of the storm to the gleam of winter sun on clean, white snow.

Fresh brings the brilliant, clear colours of spring to the fore. This is the unfurling of new leaves over old, of the first fruit trees to flower through late frosts and of all that is vibrant and alive in a wild, cottage garden.

Imagine the soft brushstrokes in a watercolour painting – Hazy brings you the gentle shades of sun and sea, the muted colours of the hills and the joy of long, hot days of summer.

In the understory of the forest are the subtle yet utterly beautiful colours of Earth – the soft vignette of lichens, moss, a carpet of red beech leaves in autumn and the wonderful tapestry of green that surrounds all.

The Covet Colour App (available from the App Store and Google Play) works by analysing your natural level of contrast to determine your colour group. More than 60 colours have been carefully selected for you from Resene’s latest fashion colour ranges, to maintain harmony and balance within your colour group.

Covet Colour can be used time and time again to provide guidance for your own personal colours as well as those of your family, friends and clients.

An ideal tool for many uses:

  • Fashion boutiques can provide advice to customers in store - assisting with making the right purchase and fostering customer rapport and retention.
  • Invaluable to clothing and interior designers alike, the ability to discuss colour choices with clients in situ or use as a reference point in new territory.
  • For personal gift choices – be confident of choosing the right coloured clothes and accessories for your significant other or flowers that will wow the recipient.

Where does your natural landscape lie within the Covet Colour spectrum? Download today to start your journey of self discovery.

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